Bootstrap Instructions

Fix Tez-UI-0.9.1

This Bootstrap Action will fix the Tez UI so that it makes an HTTP request to the YARN Timeline Server using the hostname of the master node rather than using localhost.

Bootstrap Location

  • For us-east-1:


  • Rest of regions:



The BA script will be executed only on the master node. It doesn't take any arguments. It will log its results in /tmp/fix_tez_ui_0-9-1.log.

It could also be run as an EMR step or directly on the master node.

It is suggested that the browser's cache be cleared after running this script so that the browser will not refer to an old configs.env file which is not patched.

Fix Compatibility

Tested against Tez 0.9.1. Thus, it should work on EMR release 5.20.0 and 5.21.0.